Steve McLaughlin (arsonisnoway) wrote,
Steve McLaughlin

Been trying to get an invite to KaraGarga. Can you please try and get me one if you're a member? Send it to:

2:03 AM
Anonymous said...
Hello! I'm from Romania, and I need an invitation for the karagarga! Pleas HELP ME!

10:08 AM
jargonauts said...
I, like many others I imagine, am trying to get an invitation to karagarga. I'm not sure what to write that would make me seem more worthy than other supplicants.

8:06 AM
David Sacal said...
Like the others i would like to get an invitation to join Karagarga community. If you still have some please invite me. I'm actually studying a cinema related career in buenos aires and KaraGarga would really be a good and useful tool for me. Thx

6:52 AM
mathieu said...
Hello, I'm from France and many movies, especially the english/american ones just can't be found in my country! I'm a huge fan of the marx brothers and I know Karagarga would be the ONLy way to find some ressources about them. Please, I'm a serious guy and it is very important so if someone could send me an invitation it would be amazing!
Here my email adress:

Thank you very much

8:18 AM
Gabrielle said...
PLEASE!!!! Someone send me one.

7:21 PM
Ernest said...
about 17 000 movie torrents at the moment ;)

7:59 PM
Raúl said...
Can someone invite me to Karagarga, I just found out about it and it is made for my size, just can't wait. This is as of August 2, 2007. My email is: Thanks a lot!

12:57 PM
Anonymous said...
Anyone can give me an karagarga invitation?, i'll trade it with an cinemaobscura invitation.My e-mail:

5:27 AM
Anonymous said...
anybody out there, make me a happy person, invite me to karagarga. (remove all X). will send you swiss chocolate. trade with cinema obscura membership also possible.
(it's august 14th 2007).

9:52 AM
Anonymous said...
anyone..i need a karagarga invite..plz..can trade it for cinema-obscura invite.. mail me @


3:38 AM
Anonymous said...
Hi, if anyone could invite me to Karagarga, I'd really appreciate it. My e-mail is


8:38 AM
aru said...

I need an invite for the karagarga. I can share really many films of Jost, Marker, Sokurov, Farocki, Cohen etc. And I have David Lamelas films 1969-1972. It's really intresting dvd.

thank you in advance.
arunas (at)gmx (dot) at

6:24 AM
Anonymous said...
Please give me an invitation for Karagarga. I'd be eternally grateful.

7:00 PM
Mina said...
please please, can anyone invite me to become a member of karagarga?? I have some good movies here I can share. please mail me at: zigarillios[at]gmail[dot]com. I hope someone out there can invite me, thank you in advance!


12:18 PM
Id it is said...
I missed the bus; too late, Karagarga is not accepting any more sign ups! Is there any way I can get aboard?

11:46 AM
Rick said...
I would like to post my film on Karagarga in exchange for an invite. The film is a short documentary (25 min) called 'Marcin & Ola', a chronicle of the lives of two Polish immigrants in Brighton, produced by an anthropology student and a contemporary arts graduate. It is the first in a series that will focus on migrants' experiences as told by them. The project also seeks a marriage between social science and art.

Enough said. Anyone out there who can help?

1:34 PM
plantwhatcanbegrown said...
PLEASE!!!! Someone send me one.

5:19 AM
Anonymous said...
Hello!!i;d like an invite for karagarga if someone can spare one...
I can trade with oink, torrentleech and cinema-obscura(when the site is up...) invites...
Thank you!!

4:07 AM
Mother said...

Definitely looking for a karagarga invite, I could trade for demonoid and/or dimeadozen.

10:21 PM
Anonymous said...

Definitely looking for a karagarga invite, I could trade for demonoid and/or dimeadozen.

10:21 PM
Anonymous said...
I'd really appreciate an invite to Karagarga. My e-mail is


2:10 PM
Anonymous said...
I am a former KG user, my harddisk suicided and I could not seed, so they evicted me from the community, therefore I would really apreciate another invitation


6:12 AM
Dacha said...
Iam a member of DEMONOID and CINEMA OBSCURA but not within Karagarga ... if someone is willing to share invitation ... than please contact me. My name is Danilo ... and e-mail is ... ...Thank you and have a nice day.

3:46 PM
David F. Bello said...
God, I would love an invite.
I have Oink invites to share in return...

7:35 PM
Hawkeye said...
I too was a member but they kicked me out after I uploaded High Fidelity, which wasn't deemed obscure enough. I would like another invite from someone, and I can pay cash! Email:

Invite for cash!

7:16 AM
Anonymous said...
I deeply appreciate things like this because I've been looking all over for non-mainstream movies in my country the Philippines but cannot find such and would like an invitation...have no problem sharing. DSL is such a godsend when you've had dial-up for a long time...he he =)


4:28 AM
ludmila said...
Please,please, please, I was needing an invitation for karagarga y cinema-obscura. Help to the people which love the experimental y classic cinema. If someone can send me one. I´m from Russian.

3:36 PM
Anonymous said...
Please I need a Invitation for karagarga, Pleeese, my mail:

2:47 PM
diego said...
Pleaase I need an invitation for Karagarga PLease

2:50 PM
Anonymous said...
Hello. Can someone please help me with an invitation for karagarga or cinema obscura? thank you very much!!
adriap01 at

12:27 AM
Anonymous said...
haha I got an invite
go to artblogs site

11:45 AM
Anonymous said...
I`m looking for a karagarga invite. Got some? Please send to:


7:32 PM
Germán said...
24fps is an international tracker of arthouse cinema, classic films, animation and more, where you can find a good place to debate, and make some friends.
Look at google: veiticuatrofps dot com

3:10 PM
king of rock said...
Hi, if anyone wants a Cinema Obscura invite, I'd be glad to trade one (or even several) for Karagarga or Cinematik. thanks.

ccscsd212 at yahoo dot com

4:22 AM
Anonymous said...
mucho rare to share if anyone would grant me an invite:)

3:53 AM
Anonymous said...
Have Cinema Obscura invites and great film to upload. Looking for Karagarga.

Thanks so much,

jonnyrottenish [at] yahoo [dot] com

5:38 PM
mmmm said...
can someone please send me an invite to karagarga,, ive got the whole janus box set to upload and some other films I can borrow from my film school. thanks

9:42 PM
Anonymous said...
hello, i'd also like to have an invitation for karagarga. thanks in advance. my email is:


3:18 PM
viktorvodnik said...
If anyone could invite me for cinema-obscura or karagarga I'll be greathefull to him for the rest of my life...thank you! mail is

12:06 PM
viktorvodnik said...
if anyone could send me an invitation code for cinema-obscura or karagarga i'll be grathefull to him for the rest of my life...thanks! mail is

12:11 PM
Anonymous said...
could you please send me an invitation ?

thanks a lot !

7:17 PM
Victor said...
Hi. does anyone might help me get a invitation to karagarga. :(

sendo it to


4:49 PM
Anonymous said...
I'm looking for invite to Karagarga or Cinema Obscura.

I got 5 invites to Nordic-T.

If interested email me:

3:59 AM
ConstantineHB said...
And another one in the "give a invite" bandwagon... :P
I'm a member of Cinematik and Cinemageddon too, would love to be in KG!

3:10 PM
Anonymous said...
I am looking for an invite. I am a media studies graduate student at the New School and have many foreign films to offer that I have compiled over the years.

Please contact me at pnapoli72[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you.


7:53 AM
Anonymous said...
I would SOOO love an invite!

I'll draw you a picture!


9:21 PM
miklo said...
please can someone send me an invitation too. thanks

5:10 AM
mike18xx said...
Will trade Demonoid for karagarga....

mike18xx -at-

8:58 AM
Anonymous said...
Like everyone else, I am looking for a KaraGarga invite. I can trade a Demonoid or various others.

5:25 AM
Luis Ricardo said...
I would crucify myself Life of Brian style for an invitation to Karagarga. Also I have mexican underground classics and... whatever you want.

10:11 AM
Malick said...
Could someone send me a invitation?
I really really need it ! Plz help me !!!

11:52 PM
Anonymous said...
hi there - i'm a media study student from buffalo, ny. would really really appreciate getting a KG invite.
Please mail on to me at naradamuni(at)
thx - g
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